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Birmingham adult volleyball leagues


Serve, set, and spike with Birmingham Sport and Social Club’s adult volleyball leagues! Choose from sand, indoor – and even grass! Whether you’ve never touched a volleyball or you were the college star athlete, Birmingham Sport and Social Club has a spot for you! Our Co-Ed volleyball leagues are split into three levels: social/rec, intermediate and competitive. Register your team now!





Registration Includes:

  • 7 regular season matches - top teams qualify for the playoffs and league championship
  • Birmingham Sport and Social Club Team Shirt
  • Access to the league sponsor bar
  • League officials and on-site field staff


Skill Levels:

  • “A” (Competitive) – For players who have experience competing in the sport at a high level (collegiate, semi-pro, professional) – Not offered for every sport, not offered every season
  • “B” (Intermediate) – For players who have experience in or have graduated from the recreational level. These players often have experience in less competitive but organized play. To maximize the experience for all players, previous experience is recommended.
  • “C” (Social/Rec) – Players at this level do often have experience at the recreational level but are less focused on the competitive aspects of the game. No previous experience required/necessary to participate.


Available Formats:

  • 6v6 Co-Ed (Indoor)
  • 4v4 Co-Ed (Sand)
  • 4v4 Co-Ed (Grass)
  • 2v2 Co-Ed (Sand)



  • Indoor Volleyball Rules
  • Outdoor Volleyball Rules
  • 6v6 Co-Ed - Minimum three (3) female players per team
  • 4v4 Co-Ed - Minimum two (2) female players per team
  • 2v2 Co-Ed - Minimum one (1) female player per team
  • 6v6 - Teams must have at least four (4) players present to start a game
  • 4v4 - Teams must have at least two (2) players present to start a game