Corporate Event Inquiry

Here is just a sample of ideas that might be right for you:

  • “WACKY” games such as Dizzy Bat, Water Balloon Toss, Wheelbarrow Race or Tug-o-War!
  • “BRAINY” games such as Trivia, Team Puzzles, or Photo Scavenger Hunts.
  • Traditional sports games and tournaments like Softball, Kickball, Volleyball, Golf and others.
  • Recreational game tournaments, such as Cornhole or Bocce, which are ideal for a wide range of employees.
  • Custom “social” competitions like Bar Olympics, ideal for sales retreats or conferences.
  • Non-competitive events like Carnivals, Inflatables, or Karaoke.
  • Group outings such as Kayaking, Poker Tournaments, group seats for professional sports, and more.
  • Unique access to area venues for your event, or we can plan the event at your location.



Additional services we can provide:

  • Digital services for event content including graphic design, online team registration, and more.
  • Promotional items for employees to take home.
  • Additional options such as catering, event apparel, photography, audio/video and entertainment services.



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